Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Snow Melt" 8"x 10" O/P
I think warmer days may be finally but slowly arriving. The ice in many of the small ponds is beginning to rot and water on the surface is a welcome sight. It is also a relief to see the ploughed snow banks receding from many of the side roads, revealing possible spots to set the easel. Yes, spring is finally in the air.
The painting, 'Snow Melt', was painted on a Masonite panel that was prepared with my usual three coats of gesso, followed by a coat of light grey acrylic paint. My palette for this piece was, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Lemon Yellow and Titanium White. I also added Terra Vert to my palette in order to mix it with my Alizarin and Ultramarine Blue for the extra darks . This mixture is my substitute for Black.
This painting is a continuation of my experiment with the watercolour brush and the "oil wash" lay in and composition. This was followed by the more medium - less impasto application of paint with a regular oil painting brush. The final details were applied with smaller brushes and paint thinned with medium. By 'medium', I mean oil paint that has been thinned with, in my case, plain ' odourless solvent'.
The experiment continues, ..in the warmer days of spring.
'til next.


Jayne Rose said...

Hey Frank, long time no talk. I thought we had a long winter. Geesh. The last of our snow is finally gone. Now it's as brown as Beruit until the spring rains green things up.

Your paintings are beautiful. Makes winter at this late stage look beautiful.

We were in Phoenix last week. Almost 90 everyday. Do you ever go on vacation? I highly recommend it!

Larry Seiler said...

we got a gift from Nature on Aprils fool day, an additional seven inches of heavy wet stuff!!!

Would love to paint outdoors, but truly...folks in my neck of the woods are so sick of winter, I'd have to pay someone to take one of my paintings of a snow scene right now!!! hahaaa...

always great stuff, though Frank!!!

Frank A. said...

Hi Jayne. Always nice to hear from you. Thanks again for dropping in and for the compliments.
Our snow still lingers on, so there may still be a couple of "early spring" pieces to come. I am really not in a big hurry to start practicing all those greens just yet.
Seems to me that I read on your blog earlier about you going to Phoenix. Didn't I leave a note ? HHhmm.
We used to take a break (D R) in Feb. That was a tough winter month to get through. But, not lately.

Take care.. :-)

Frank A. said...

Hi Larry.. That was a cruel joke for a mother to play on you folk. ...Seven more inches of snow..YUK ! Enough already !

"I'd have to pay someone to take one of my paintings of a snow scene right now!!! hahaaa..."

Know exactly what you mean...been there, done that.. :-)

If you do not mind, I have added your blog to my list of "blog favourites".
As always, your opinion is always respected and I thank you for the compliment.

Take care.

Keith Tilley said...

It looks like the experiment is going well Frank. I like the contrast of the warmth in the trees and the cool blue shadows.
I wish we could have some snow like that here, I don't get much practice at painting shadows on white.

Frank A. said...

Hello Keith !Thanks for checking my blog and for your comments

"I wish we could have some snow like that here, I don't get much practice at painting shadows on white."

I wish that I could send you a crate of that stuff just to parctice with.. :-)

Warm weather in the last couple of days has really kicked the stuffing out of the accumulated snow.
"Spring at last ! ( I hope ! )

As I have mentioned before, I really like your blog and web site and if you do not mind, I would like to add you to my "blogs that I enjoy." Thanks in advance..

Take care..

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Your paintings bring back memories of my youth Frank. Wonderful work!


Frank A. said...

Jeffrey, thanks for dropping in and commenting. I appreciate it.
Glad that my 'stuff' brings back memories of your childhood. (I assume that they were good memories . :- ) ..A beautiful compliment, thank you.

Take care..