Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Young Pine and Weathered Trunk" O/P 8" x 10"

Sometimes, it is not a bad idea to set limitations on yourself and your painting. And usually out of frustration, to say to yourself while looking for a possible scene to paint , " Okay, I will paint the first subject I see on the other side of the first hill or knoll I pass over " may be , at first thought, a daunting limitation to set. The unexpected does get you painting and in so doing, forces you to think about the composition. Can I move this over here, what if I made this larger, how about leaving this out ? And how about the colours ? Things are not quite so, 'ready made' and we are apt to take some freedom or liberties (artistic license) with the subject. I think this is a good thing.

The support for this painting is a gessoed panel with a coat of gray acrylic paint applied to the surface.

My palette was Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Red M., Cadmium Yellow M., Lemon Yellow, Veridian and Titanium White. I did not add any of my other favourites to my palette this time. Again, little medium was used until it was time to do the fun part of adding details near the end. By adding more medium to the paint at this point, it allows the fresh paint to adhere to the surface of the previous layers of thicker paint without disturbing them.

This is just one way of forcing yourself to plein air paint and I am sure you will think of many others.

'til next..


Jack Riddle said...

Frank--I really love your work. That you can paint in the cold earns you extra points. Beautiful color and brushwork--and a great eye. How do you stay warm? Jack from Maine

Frank A. said...

Hi Jack from Maine ! : )

I value your comments, Jack. Please accept my apologizes for not gettng back to you sooner. Thank you for your comments and compliments.
There is a photo of me "bundled up" and painting in Algonquin Park during winter, further along in my blog. ( Although, not very flattering. : ) ) Sort of looks like that famous tire guy symbol.
...You must be putting up with the same thing where you are, eh ?

..Take care.

rob ijbema said...

plenty of snow still and it looks like you are still enjoying it.
you are right,it is no good looking over the next hill for that perfect spot...these days i stay close to home,it is not wat you paint but how you paint it! and you do it so well,such a delight Frank

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob. Appreciate your support and comments.
The snow has been enjoyable, but, it has dragged on long enough. The white snow has now become the new summer green. " Borrrring ! Time to move on ! :-)
I have been enjoying your "spring paintings". 'Thumbs up !'

Keep at'er...