Wednesday, March 19, 2008

" Still Waiting For Spring " O/P 11"x 14"
The winter roadside series continues. I am beginning to feel that spring will not arrive in my part of the world and we may miss it altogether this year. Record breaking high snow banks on the sides of the roads make it near impossible to see and paint. I think the danger of disappearing into the snow , not to be found until late summer, is a deterrent for not climbing the banks for a better painting view.
I jest !
This piece is painted on Masonite panel which has been prepared with my "gesso mixture" and coated with a final value five acrylic gray. In this particular painting, while putting out my usual limited palette, I also put out a ribbon of light gray. It was lighter than the five value acrylic covering on the panel.
My procedure was to lay in the composition and the beginning of the background shadows with my usual thin darks in the traditional manner. I added some of the gray paint to the mother colour in areas that I felt needed modifying or "quietening down" if you will. I feel that these areas tend to lose their sharpness with this addition. This can be seen in areas of the trees in the top left or in the road, bottom right. I kind of like, 'that look'.
Medium was used in the beginning process or 'laying in' . Very little was used until the final stages and finishing details.
And so, still waiting for spring ..
'til next.


Frank Gardner said...

Well at least you maintain your sense of humor about the whole thing. You do really paint these snow scenes well Frank.
I appreciate hearing a bit about your process.
Love the way you pair up compliments to make subtle colors sing.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Frank. I guess that we have to maintain a sense humour. The humour keeps us in survival mode. All this snow means lots of practice and all this practice makes us a product of our environment (more humour) :-) Hense, the snow paintings..I think that the process varies from painting to painting.
Glad to read that your "paint out" went well.
Appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the time.

Take care..

Edition Handdruck said...

Hi Frank,
another fine winter piece. I notice the decent brushwork you apply to convey the impression of distance and perspective. Also the subtle handling of colors in foreground and background is great.
I am sure the producers of titanium and mixing white have a great time with you this year. You probably empty your local art shop twice a month and your collegues will hat you for that!:).
I used to get furious coming there and NO zinc white ..

Frank A. said...

Hey Martin, Nice to hear from you.Thank you very much for your comments. I find it very interesting and of value to read the comments of someone who works in another medium. Fresh eyes, so to speak.
I found your pieces from Provence very interesting. I really like what you are doing now.
I did not quite understand your desription of the type of pen that you where using for your on site pieces. Maybe I will have to re-read it. :-)

Thanks again..

Larry Seiler said...

nice nice pieces, Frank...what a treat!!!

Frank A. said...

Larry. Thank you very much. Always nice to feel your reassurances. Appreciate you taking the time to comment,knowing your busy schedule.

Please accept my apology for not getting back to you sooner.

Do take care..

Michael Pieczonka said...

very nice piece Frank. Thanks for the tip on how you deal with the values near the top of the trees. I always tend to make mine a bit too sharp, but yours sit nicely.

cheers, Michael

Frank A. said...

You are welcome. My pleasure, Michael. good luck with it..

take care..

Anonymous said...