Tuesday, March 25, 2008

" A Family Century Farm " 10" x 12" O/G. Panel

For the last couple of days, the snowbanks have been reseeding slowly. This is a good spring sign. Maybe, just maybe, spring will arrive after all and my complaining will be for naught.

The palette for this painting was as follows, Cerulean Blue,Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Alizarin, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green and Titanium White. The panel was Masonite with three coats of gesso and a coat of light gray acrylic paint.

As a stretch, I thought that I would try something a little different with this piece. I would try an oil painting with a watercolour brush ! ..Well, so what ! Right ? Using the watercolour brush presents a few new problems that one does not encounter when using a stiffer oil brush.
Mainly, the paint had to be thinned down with medium in order for the finer haired brush to pick up the colour. This means that there where a number of coloured 'puddles' on my palette for the lay in of the composition and the first of the darks. I continued with these 'washy' colours well into the final painting stage.
At this point, I began to miss the 'malleable feel' and 'look' of the thick oil paint, and I switched to the stiffer oil painting brush so that I could lay on the colour. I finished the painting in my usual manner.

It is hard to judge this "technique" after one trial, but I do feel that it has merit and is worth further experimentation.

'til next.


Bill Sharp said...

Interesting experiment, Frank. I like this painting. It's filled with cold light. I'll bet you'd be willing to trade some of the blues on your pallette soon.

It's always a pleasure to see what you're up to.

Frank A. said...

Hi Bill ! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Appreciate it.
Yes, I think that I will continue with this experiment. Must be something I can keep from it.
Much of my complaining of the cold and snow is "tounge in cheek", but I am longing for a bit of the spring season to come. Not that green is my favourite colour... : )

Enjoying your blog...

Take care..

Liz Abeyta said...

Beautiful Frank! Great harmony and composition. You're inspiring me with your brushwork :)

Frank A. said...

Thanks Liz, glad you dropped by..
"You're inspiring me with your brushwork :)"....and will you be needing any snow with that ? : )

Take care

I really like that map with your painting sites on it . Nice touch !

Edition Handdruck said...

Hi Frank,
it´s great to see in the enlarged image how many color variations you have found for example in the walls of the house. It´s amazing that the size of the painting is "only" 10X12.
I hope you will see some green soon !
all the best

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin
Great to have you dropping in and commenting. Thanks for that !
Often, if the small pieces seem to turn out well, I wish I had done them larger. I am sure you know about that.
Slowly but surely, the snow is reseeding. Warmer days ahead !
I hope that you do not mind that I have added your site to my favourites list. If You do, let me know, and I will correct it.

Take care.

Joanne Contant said...

Do you teach workshops or classes? I live in Severn Bridge, are you in the area?

Frank Gardner said...

Man, these blow me away Frank. I'd love to see you in action some day.
And two posts to check out since my last vist.
These are like candy to me (and I LOVE candy).
Now, don't go sinking into any of that mud from the melting snow.

Frank A. said...

Hi Frank..Great having you pop in ..

"Now, don't go sinking into any of that mud from the melting snow."

You have certainly got that right..but, something to put up with until things "green up ". ..Always an occupational hazard somewhere, right ?

Glad that you have enjoyed the paintings. That is always a great compliment, and I thank you for it.

I have been following your color mixing demos with more than a passing interest.
Dang! If only I was that organized !

Take care.

Frank A. said...

HI Joanne..
Sorry in taking so long to get back to you.
In answer to your question,

"Do you teach workshops or classes?"

I have taught art at the collage level in the past, but sadly, no pein air workshops in painting. Sorry !

You are in a beautiful area for subject matter and life painting.
Keep at it !

Take care.