Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Wolf Lake Road" 8"x 10" O/P

A small, fun to do painting. I used my "split palette" in the painting of this piece. As usual, I added another colour to my palette and that was Raw Sienna, but used sparingly.

The panel was prepared the same way as the previous painting and had the same grey ( number five value) coat of acrylic paint.

Freezing temperatures, sleet and rain are forecast over the next three days. That will certainly put a 'crimp' in any thoughts of painting outside. So, it looks like studio work for those days.

'til next.


Edition Handdruck said...

Hi Frank,
you have made a remarkable winter rallye til now ! I like this one, somehow I associate it with a landscape described in a book I am reading: "Shipping news" by Annie Proulx.
I can see Quoyle driving down this road :).

Frank Gardner said...

Another nice winter scene Frank. I love the brushwork and how you've brought some darks up into the light on the left and lights into the darks on the right. Bravo!

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin.. Thanks for taking the time from your busy shedule to comment on my lastest painting. Winter painting is getting to be a tough go.
I am really enjoying your website and blogs and commend you on them. I've spend too much time there :).. !
Always nice to hear from you.

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Thanks for your comments on my winter piece, Frank. Always appreciated.
Your upcoming "paint in" in March sounds like the place to be. Hey, maybe someday : )!...
I Hope it is a roaring success.

Take care..