Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Reflections In A Winter Stream" 10"x 12" O/P

This piece was painted using my usual 'split' palette. The only additional colour added to the palette was a Cobalt Blue. A colour, as it turned out, that was used sparingly mainly because I forgot to use it. My guess is that I am just not used to it being on my palette. A bit of a waste.
The support was a Masonite panel coated with three layers of Gesso. Each layer was blown dry with a hair dryer before proceeding with the next.

Now, here is where the panel differs from proceeding supports.

The final coat was a layer of AS Art Spectrum, (gray) fine tooth pastel and multimedia primer. Is primarily used by pastel painters when preparing a painting surface and has a fine 'grit' that grabs and holds the particles of pastel as they work. It can be felt when dry by softly dragging your fingers over the surface.
This product comes in various colours.
I have found it to work equally as well with oil paint.

I should mention that I have no personal connections with this company nor do I receive any compensation for this mention or for the use of the product.

It was a fun experience and a worthwhile trial.

'til next..


Bill Sharp said...

Man, that looks cold. Interesting panel prep.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Bill. Glad that you dropped in. Catch your blog from time to time. Very entertaining.

Take care..

Jayne Rose said...

Winter is definitely upon us isn't it? Your winter scenes are done so well. I just can't seem to paint them. Don't know why.

But, I am getting better with the other 3 seasons landscapes, mostly because of your influence in the looseness of your brush strokes (especially the trees).

Stay warm Frank.

Frank A. said...

Hi Jayne Rose ! Sorry that I have not gotten back to you befoe now.
I guess it does not pay to paint with 'wet feet'. I have been under the weather for the last while.
Thanks for your compliment and I am glad that you can take something away from my 'stuff' that will help you. (I do not thnk that you can be taking very much..) : )

Take care.