Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Moscow" 10"x 12" Oil/Panel ( Ontario, Canada )

Well, I think that I have stalled off long enough. This painting is the first step in the long, cold and snowy trek to spring.

With the shorter days of winter and the fast moving light, it is essential to establish the shadows of your subject in the initial drawing on your painting support. As it is important to "catch the moment", I feel that establishing the shadows, "freezes time", and allows the painter to carry on with the rest of the painting without having to deal with correcting shadows in the fast moving light.

I used the limited palette and again, the tinted panel.

The tinted panel I find really helps in establishing the lights and darks . I think the tendency is to paint higher values in winter or snowy paintings. The tinted panel gives a nice background, if you will, to lay on these higher values as opposed to the 'white' of the canvas or panel..

So, is a start !

'til next..


Ed Terpening said...

Are you tinting a middle value, neutra gray, or a warm tone? i personally go back and forth.

Frank A. said...

I assume that you are thinking of the panel, Ed ?
The panel in this case was tinted with a bright red and toned down with a veridian green to a guestimated middle value or a no.5 on a scale from 0 - 10. I have started using greys in some of my colors, but not in this piece. Hope this answers your question.

Take care..

Frank Gardner said...

I can really feel the winter setting in with this painting. Lots of great subtle colors and great brushwork as usual Frank. Like the sky a lot too.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Frank ! Appreciate it....
Say, I really liked that series or w.i.p. that you did, titled "Woman and Doves". "Nice stuff" !

Take care..

Dean H. said...

Love the movement in this 'un, Frank!

Happy painting

Frank A. said...

Hi Dean ..Thanks for your comments. Checked your blog..again..:) Love the rich color that you use. ..Sure adds to the strengh of the painting.

Take care.

Freiluftmaler said...

Hello Frank,
great work, which makes me shiver when I look at it.. Moscow is a good title :).
merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family !

all the best

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin.. Great to hear from you. I just checked your blog last it !
Thanks for commenting and for the compliment on my painting. Appreciate it.
There is actually a small village named "Moscow" not far from my home. But, I get your point about the cold. :)
Thank you for the Christmas salutation, the same to you and your loved ones.

Take care.

Bill Sharp said...

Another knockout, Frank. Interesting contrast of aggressive brushwork and subtle color. I really like this one.

Frank A. said...

Hi Bill. Thanks. Loved your comment. Glad that you liked this piece. ..Tried to keep it loose and simple
I ended up using this piece for my Christmas card.

..Best of the Season to you and yours..

Anonymous said...

Very courageous of you Frank to get out there in the freezing weather we have been having. Anyhow it was worth it, this is a harmonic little gem.

Frank A. said...

Hi Sally..Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Appreciate the compliment.
Yes, getting 'out there' seems to be getting tougher each year. : )

Good luck with the show..

Take care.