Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Inside Out" 10"x 12" Oil /Panel

As you can see , this is a painting of a Cyclamen plant painted from the inside looking out. ...Right? Therefore, I suppose it would be classified as a 'Still Life". The weather , as you can see by looking through the window , was not a nice day to be painting outside .

A Still Life makes a nice change and helps to recharge the body batteries for that next out of doors painting.

My palette for this piece was my usual limited palette. The piece was painted on a pre-gessoed panel and a dark red color applied to the dry surface. The painting was, from start to finish, painted with little or no medium. Many areas had the 'look' of a dry brush technique during the process of painting. In some areas you can see the results of this 'technique' as the background color shows through. Personally, I found this to be visually pleasing.

Generally speaking, I think it was a successful painting that may be worthy of further work.

'til next..

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