Tuesday, January 15, 2008

" January Side Road" 11" x 14" Oil on panel

This is my first published painting of 2008 and as such starts a new year. I wish everyone good health and may your next painting be your best one.

This painting was executed on a Masonite panel , covered with three coats of gesso and after drying, a layer of number five value gray (acrylic) was applied.

My palette for this painting was, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Alizarin, Cadmium Red M., Cadmium Yellow M., Raw Sienna and Titanium White.

Before starting the panting, I had no other plans than to try and keep the colours warm in spite of it being a winter scene. I think that the warmness of the lighter colours makes for a more inviting picture. I hope you agree.

'til next


Frank A. said...
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Frank A. said...
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Frank A. said...
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rob ijbema said...
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Jayne Rose said...
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William R. Moore said...

Nice start to the new year. Really like your paintings, the warm Yellows,reds and blues in the snow balance the cool blues of the shadowed snow. Good feeling of warm light. Like your treatment of trees.I like your brushwork approach and it really shows well in the enlargement, a real treat.

indiaartist said...

Great start for the New Year. Beautiful picture. Hope to see more such a great art. Thanks.

Frank A. said...

William, ...thank you very much for your observations and kind compliments. They are much appreciated.

..take care.

Frank A. said...

Indiaartist..Thank you for your compliment. Glad that you like it and you are welcome.

Be well..

Frank Gardner said...

Awesome! Great job on this one Frank. LOVE that loose brushork that you have going. Colors and marks in the right spots.
I've been waiting for a new post from you and it was worth the wait.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Stellar job with this one Frank. I haven't been up north too much this winter, but this sure sets me there. I think you have hit just the right note of warmth with the lights in the trees and distant horizon.

cheers, Mike

TJ said...

Wonderful painting - so vibrant. Love those confident brush strokes! Best to you in 2008.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Frank...Appreciate your comments. Your feed back is always welcome. It seemed to be panic time to get something done in the new year before it became old year..
Checked your site..great loose stuff there. Love it !

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for checking in and for your observations and comments.
Have not seen much of you lately..?

Take care..

Frank A. said...

TJ, Thanks for popping in and commenting on the painting. Appreciate it.
Checked out your blog. Nice work !


Wayne Gaudon said...

So many comments on this:Deserver; but no comments on the flowers in the window. My all time fave of anything I have seen by you.

Take care Frank. My birthday is everyday if you want to send me that floral.


Frank A. said...

Wayne..Thanks for your comment. Dang! to bad, the flowers in the window is 'gone'. But, "Happy Birthday" anyway ... : )

Always good to hear from you..

Take care,