Wednesday, November 14, 2007

" The Shell Station" O/P 9"x12"

Small pockets of autumn colours are still hanging on in some country areas. I feel that with the wind and rain that is predicted and the cold rain that we are presently experiencing will the mean an end to those pockets of colour.
Thoughts now turn to warm boots, mitts and heavy coats for the outdoor painting sessions. ...Winter is nigh !

In the painting, "The Shell Station" , I started with my usual gesso and acrylic stained Masonite panel. My palette was again, my split palette, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, alizarin, cadmium red med. cadmium yellow med. cadmium lemon yellow.

Instead of using a pencil to lay in the initial drawing, I used a number two brush. I wanted to keep the drawing 'loose' as I intended to use larger brushes to continue the painting. I have found the pencil sketch to be confining to the looser method.

As in the last painting, I plan to use the paint scrapings from a previous painting as my greys. I mix it occasionally with the clean colours. I also use it by itself in some other areas of the panel. As mentioned before, in certain passages, to me, it has a nice unifying effect.

Very little or no medium was used in the early stages of the painting. This means that most of the work, including the initial sketch was mostly a 'dry brush' scumble, allowing the stained acrylic colour to be seen in many areas of the panel. This allowed me to be able to gradually add medium to the succeeding applications of colour until the painting was finished. With this method, I was able to follow the " fat over thin " rule.

Okay, where did I put those winter clothes...

'til next..


Dean H. said...

Very nice job, Frank. You have achieved great value and chromatic intensity control through the use of that gray.

Best wishes, Dean

Frank A. said...

Thanks Dean.. Happy that you stopped in. Appreciate your obsevations and compliments..

Take care..

A Reason to Paint said...

I like this composition, very quaint. Lovely work.

Frank A. said...

Thank you Trieca for your comments and compliment. I appreciate them both.

Please accept my apology for not replying to your post sooner.

I enjoyed your blog and Web Site.
Continued success with your work.

Take care.