Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"The Last Autumn Maple" Oil/Panel 10"x12"

I just refuse to let the fall colours disappear without just one last painting. I must admit that most of the leaves on this tree had already dropped. The painting was probably more an exercise in expressionism than it was impressionism.

The painting was done on a Masonite panel that was pre- gessoed and an application of mixed red acrylic and green . I must mention that three coats of gesso were applied to the surface with a well worn two inch brush. I find that the worn brush leaves a nice texture of brush strokes as the gesso is applied. In this particular case, I did not sand the coats of gesso between applications. I prefer this rough texture to the smooth surface.The texture really 'grabs' the paint.

I used the same limited palette (colours) that I had used in previous paintings. When mixing my colours I added a paste to the paint. This paste aided in the faster drying of the paint and also gave it a texture . This paste was used in the earlier stages of the panting.

I am happy with the results of this piece, if for no other reason than I do not see any snow.

'til next..


Jayne Rose said...

Oooooh Frank,

This one stopped me in my tracks. Love it. It captures the feeling of the last days of autumn (my absolutely favorite season).

I'm supposed to be in the kitchen working on Thanksgiving stuff (I have 35 people coming to dinner tomorrow), but I'd rather sit here, drink my coffee and look at your painting.


Phyllis said...

Hi Frank,
Love that tree! And the yellow-violet color scheme is my favorite. Phyllis Rennie

Frank Gardner said...

Good painting Frank. Nice job with subtle color changes. That's hard with all that yellow. I really liked the Shell Station too.

Frank A. said...

Hi Jayne.. glad that you "love" it.. :)
The last days, yes. The autumn season just does not last long enough it seems.

I wish you and yours all the best of giving thanks.

Thanks for "poppin' in..

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Hi phyllis! Nice to hear from you. I see that your blog is meeting with success.. good for you guys..:)
Thanks for your comments and compiments. Appreciated..

And, A Happy Thanksgiving to you..

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Hi Frank.. (Really like your name ! :) ) My apologizes for taking so long getting back to you.Thanks for stopping in and commenting on the paintings. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
I had a look at your "stuff'. Wow, some mind blowing work there. Love the style. I will have to keep an eye on your page.

Thanks again..

Take care..