Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The Spring House" 8"x 10" Oil on coloured gesso panel

Although an 8"x 10" panel may seem small, it is a fairly common size for a plein air painting. Other common sizes that are smaller than the 8x10 that I find comfortable for outdoor painting are, 5"x 7" and 6"x8" panels.
Larger panels than the 8x10 that I find convenient are, 9"x 12" and 10" x 12 ". These sizes will fit into the lid of my paintbox for carrying and painting. An 11"x 14" is a nice size, but it does require some adjustment to the paintbox in my case.
Larger sizes may also be used with some inconvenience in windy conditions, specially if one paints on the shoulder of the road with passing vehicles and larger trucks. With the larger sizes, I do use a different easel. Most times it is weighted down with a "found" rock to give it added stability during the gusty periods.
These sizes are, 12"x16", 16"x20", 20"x 24", and the larger 24"x 3o"
Large, 'fair weather' sizes would be any of the above plus possibly a 30"x 36" Anything larger, I personally find hard to cover in one painting session.

'til next..


Ed Terpening said...

i love your work! i haemissed your posts as I have been traveling, and now just catching up.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Ed. Glad to hear that things may be getting back to normal.
The fall colors have arrived in my part of the world in their fullest and it is a busy painting time while they last. ..Color everywhere !

Take care..

Jennifer McChristian said...

Wonderful painting Frank! I love the way you've introduced warm colors into your shadows. The bold, vivacious brushstrokes and textures are a feast for the eyes!!

Frank A. said...

Thank you,Jennifer for your eloquent comments and compliment. Also glad that you noticed the warm colors in the shadows and mentioned it.
Happy that you 'popped' in..

Take care.