Tuesday, October 30, 2007

" Skootamata Rapids " 11"x 14" Oil/gesso panel

Strong winds have all but blown the fall colours from the autumn scene. Those colours that are left have now turned to the rusty colours of late fall. Nice weather, as long as it lasts, will entice the outdoor painter to search for those last vestiges of autumn to paint.

This piece was painted on a 11"x 14" Masonite panel that had three coats of ( approx. number five value) gesso applied to it. After the gesso had dried, a coat of acrylic burnt sienna was brushed onto the surface and left to dry When time is of the essence, the gesso and acrylic may be dried between applications with the aid of a hair dryer. This certainly speeds things up.

In this painting, I used my limited palette and added Sap Green and the grays that resulted from the palette scrapings of previously mixed oil paint. I think that these grays when used by themselves or mixed with other colours help to give the finished piece a unified effect. My suggestion would be to not over mix these grays as I think it is better to have a variety of values to work with and apply.

...looking for that last autumn painting.

'til next..


Freiluftmaler said...

Hi Frank
it´s great to receive you updates via mail, always a pleasure to see your new work. Grey is a wonderful "color".

Frank A. said...

Martin.. Thank you for your note. I think that I will be "messing" with the greys for awhile.
Hope all is well with you and yours.

Take care...