Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"An Autumn Trail" 9x12 o/p

Finally, the fall colours are beginning to happen. It is an exciting time to be painting out side, absorbing the sites, sounds and smells of autumn. It is an all to short, beautiful season.
In this autumn painting, I have deviated from my usual method. Rather than using the limited palette, I have opted for a 'split' palette.
The colours on this palette are, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine blue, Alizarin, Bright Red. My yellow of choice is Cadmium Yellow Medium and Lemon Yellow is the cool colour ( a warm and cool of each primary colour) As well, I added Sap Green, Veridian, Raw Sienna and Yellow Ochre as my helpers.
My panel for this painting was finished with a coat of light purple acrylic. This colour may be seen showing through in some areas of the finished work. I think it works well as a complimentary to the oranges, yellows and red mixtures.
Now, to get back out there.

'til next, take care..


Jayne Rose said...

This painting is quite beautiful. Yes, autumn is so fleeting -- my favorite season. Unfortunately the midwest is going to get unseasonally hot weather for the next 4 days (high 80s-low 90s). ick

Hopefully, you'll get many more nice days and show us some more of your autumn palette!

Frank A. said...

jayne rose..Nice to hear from you.Thank you for your kind comments and compliments.
Many of the trees have not turned yet, so there will be more days of painting. The weather remains nice and warm here as well, but not near the 90s

Hope all is well..

Jean Levert Hood said...

Beautiful piece, Frank! Yes, fall is the time to paint outside for me, still a bit hot here in Texas, but not scorching!
I look forward to your season's posts!

Frank A. said...

Jean,thank you for 'popping' in and for your lovely compliment.
I enjoyed your blog. It was very entertaining and the paintings looked great.
So, keep slinging paint in "them thare hills."... :-)

Take care..

Werner said...

Hi Frank,
I just came across your blog for the first time I think...
You only speak about the colours in this painting, and you're absolutely right, they are fascinating.
However, I would like to add that you have also captured the special autumnal play of light and shadow particularly well (which would be nice even in black and white). In this season, with the sun standing rather low in the sky even in the middle of the day, the daylight illuminates all things more from the side, creating very spacial, yet warm feeling in the landscapes, which you have captured extremely well. I like it.

Frank A. said...

Werner.. glad that you found me. Thanks for your acute observations an explanations. I appreciate your compliments and comments.
Glad that you like it.

My apologizes for the lateness of my reply.

Take care...