Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Portsmouth Village" 10"x 12" O/P

Finally, things are beginning to feel back to normal. I seems as though a long time has past since my last post. Since that last post, I have updated my programs and replaced my old computer with a new one. Hopefully, the technical glitches have disappeared. I thank you for your patience during this period.

This piece was painted from the present site of the Kingston Olympic Harbour. This harbour was host to the 1976 Summer Olympic sailing events.

This painting was executed on a 10"x 12" Masonite panel that was prepared with three coats of gesso and finally, a coat of acrylic Burnt Sienna and a touch of Red.
My palette was my usual limited palette and again, a couple of additional colours. These colours were, Veridian and Yellow Ocher.
During the execution, I tried to stay true to an old rule (sort of) that states, "A stroke laid is a stroke stayed." I think that it certainly helps to give a looser feeling to the over-all piece as long as it is not overly "tightened up" later with the smaller brushes.

Take care.

'til next


rob ijbema said...

nice and airy frank
love your massing of trees
so much character!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob..Great to hear from you.
Nice to be back on line...finally.

Take care... :-)

Jennifer McChristian said...

You certainly know how to create a wide array of deliciously radiant color with just a limited palette.
I LOVE the expressive, bold brushstrokes!

Frank A. said...

Jennifer..Thank you very much for your compliment. Your remarks are positively reassuring.

You have had some very exciting things happening for you and they are well deserved. Good on y'u !

Take care..

les lull said...

Man you pack alot of life in a painting Frank. Always a joy to see new work from you.

PLArt! said...

I love the "stroke laid is a stroke stayed" rule. It gives your paintings have a great energy!

Frank A. said...

Hey Les !...finally caught up with you . Sorry for not getting back sooner. Life and all that, well, you know !:-)
Thanks for taking the time to pop in and for the positive comments and compliments.

Always good to hear from you.

Frank A. said...

Pete, thanks for your comment. Nice to have you checking my "stuff" out.
Good Luck with the classes thing and keep "slinging" paint.. :-)

René PleinAir. said...

Soooo colorful, ....

Frank A. said...

Hi Rene..Thanks !good to hear from you !