Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"A New Garden Scarecrow" 8"x 10" O/ panel

Isn't it strange the things that we do as artists to make a painting ? This is just one of them.
The day started out with the the threat of rain. In most cases, if I were going far to paint, I would think twice before leaving. But, since the subject I had planned to paint was close by, I decided to continue in spite of the impending threat of rain.

Upon arriving at the scene, I noticed that because of the overcast there was little light on the subject and the overall scene appeared flat and shadowless.
Not a very exciting subject.
While trying to select a position to paint from, I found a path and backed up into it. The further I backed up, the brighter the subject seemed to be.
Upon looking around, I noted that I was under a canopy of leaves and branches. My first instinct was to think that this would be a good place to set up if only to be somewhat protected if it did rain, when I suddenly realized that I created my own light in the garden by being on the darkened path, thus making my foreground dark . Hopefully, this would solve the flatness of the overcast day. Things were looking up !

I used my limited palette (again) for this painting. I added Veridian and Raw Sienna to the palette as the painting progressed.
In retrospect, I feel that the foreground could have been a little darker to help raise the colour values a bit in the garden and the new scarecrow.

A new experience and another fun day.

'til next..


Martin said...

Hi Frank,
I like the great colors and bold brush strokes in this one. Unbelievable that it is such a small painting. The guy in the middle keeps me wondering a lot :).

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin.. :-)

Thanks for the compliment and for your post. Appreciate them both.
"The guy in the middle keeps me wondering a lot"
:) You must have scarecrows in the odd garden over there, no ?
"He" is a mannequin, usually made of straw stuffed into a discarded shirt and pants with an old hat for a head. He is mounted on a staff and stuck into the the ground of the garden. His job is to scare away the crows and other birds that invade the garden to eat the produce,flowers,etc.. :)