Wednesday, August 01, 2007

" From City Park" 9"x 12" oil/panel

A beautiful hot day in the shade makes for a great day making art. One has to take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves, and this was the case today. Nice to be out !

This painting was started on a gessoed panel with a yellow ochre ground. I used a graphite pencil to lay in the subject, followed by a thin purple wash in the shadowed and dark areas. For the wash, I used the odourless mineral spirits.
Using my limited palette, I then applied the next darkest colours and some of their lighter values.
Working all over the canvas with my lightest colours now, the painting began to come together. I find that this is usually the fun time, pushing and pulling the colours, adjusting the values, some shadows and high lights.

Any additional colours added were, Raw Sienna, Tera Vert, Veridian and Sap Green, mostly for convenience.

'til next


René said...

It's been awhile that I visited your blog, but what a treat!! This one and the previous one are masterpieces, ... they all are!!

Did you noticed that your buildings are swinging, from standing right up too leaning to the left and than too the right, like old trees bending in a soft braes that some people may call life.

Thanks for the nice place to stroll around Frank. Take care, paint well and be careful


Frank A. said...

LOL,Yes,I have noticed that, Rene. A long time ago, I felt that 'staight' houses, especially in a landscape, were too impersonal and unfriendly, (unless it is an architectural painting) the wrong body language if you will. Since then, I have tried to animate them a little...just my queer thing , I guess.

Thank you very much for the very nice compliments, Rene. An incentive to keep going, for sure.

Always look forward to seeing your "stuff".

Take care...

Bill Sharp said...

I've been checking your blog for a while now and really love your work. I also appreciate your sharing your thoughts and process.

This has become a regular stop for me.


Frank A. said...

Hi Bill.. My apologizes for getting back to you at such a late date.
I had a look at your "stuff",and I can identify with them.. nice technique and lots of paint.They have the look of a true plein air. :-) ! Really liked the rear view of the pick-up.
I am happy that you are checking them out, keeps me honest. Appreciate the complement, thanks big time.

Take care...