Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is the scene that I attempted today. I started with my usual graphite pencil and medium wash which can be seen in the next photo.

The basic composition of the barn and the trees on either side of the red panel may still be seen in the medium wash that I scumbled about to indicate the shadow areas and the light direction. After letting this stage dry a bit, I proceeded to the next stage.

This stage was to lay in the darker colours in the masses of the trees for example, or the dark that appears in the large open door of the barn. Then, continuing to add more colours and their values.

Here we see the lighter colours and values continuing to build the painting. More light was introduced as well. Other nuances and details were added at this stage (small shadows, sticks and odd colour surprises where I felt they were needed.)

The next picture shows the "finished" painting.

"Tractor And Barn" 11" x 14" Oil/Prepared Panel
Some of the previous paintings, as I have suggested, have been executed using this method. I am not suggesting that this is the only method or that it is necessarily the one for you, only that it is an option and to suggest that I feel it works for me.



Jean Levert Hood said...

Frank, thanks for the photos of your progress. It is interesting to see the process of a painting. Great expressive strokes, variety in the greens, and I simply love the sky!

Frank A. said...

Jean - Thank you for your comments and commpliments. Much appreciated !
Looks as though you are in a great painting area. It was fun checking out your web site. Good luck with the blog.. :-)

Take care.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks for showing your approach, Frank. It is wonderful how simple and loose you start and in the finished painting I like the twisted lines of the house, which adds an expressive quality, beside your brushwork. Cheer...Nue

Frank A. said...

Nue..I really appreciate you checking out the blog and commenting and I thank you very much for doing this.
It is encouraging when respected artists do so.

Have a great painting summer.

Take care..