Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Kingston's Inner Harbour" 12"x16" oil/panel

This is a painting of Kingston's inner harbour which sits at the mouth of the Rideau Canal. The Rideau Canal is a Canadian historical site and a working canal that runs between Kingston, Ontario, Canada and Ottawa, Canada's capital city.

This piece was painted on a hot summer day with a warm breeze playing havoc with the surface of the water during the painting process. It was to be the challenge of the painting. This piece was painted with my limited palette.
My under painting was the same method as previous paintings. Because of the movement on the surface of the water, the reflections of the trees in the middle ground that lay on the water, were painted thinly at the beginning of the painting process as were the shadow areas in the rest of the painting. Also, other dark or darker areas were established (deeper water, shore reflections, etc.) at this point.

Then came the other colours and their mid tones, which I placed on the surface of the darks in a predetermined pattern that I had observed and remembered. While working all over the painting, I brought it to a finish by adding the final high lites and adjusting a few colour values.

This painting was a fun challenge.

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Jo Castillo said...

Frank, this is just beautiful. I can sit and look forever. Thanks for the tutoring as you go. The trees and clouds are just great.


Frank A. said...

Hi Jo...Thanks, appreciate the comments and compliment. Glad that you are checking them out. :-)

Take care..

Jean Levert Hood said...

Frank, this is a beautiful piece. Captivating.

Jayne Rose said...

Don't know how you did it Frank, but I can actually feel the breeze while looking at this painting.

The airiness and lightness makes me want to go canoing!

Frank A. said...

Hi Jean ! thanks for the beautiful compliment. Hope all is well in Texas...

Take care

Frank A. said...

Hi Jean, Nice to hear from you.Happy that you enjoyed the painting. Thanks for commenting.
Funny that you should mention going out in the canoe, as the local canoe club was about thirty yards behind me as I painted. :-) Lots of activity..

Take care..

Heartaday said...

Hi...just came across your site and I think your paintings are lovely. :) I like them all but there's something about this one that really grabbed my attention. Your style reminds me of the Group of 7, which is great!

Iowa, US

Frank A. said...

Heartaday..Thank you very much, Gretchen, for the lovely compliment. As a young painter,I was greatly influenced by the group's work. I have since painted in many of the same localities as they did. I guess that one could say,"You can take the boy out of the group but you can't take the group out of the boy". :-)

Take care...

Frank A. said...

Jayne Rose. I just discovered the error of calling you by the wrong name (is my face red !)when replying to your comment.
Please accept my deepest apologizes.

take care. :-)