Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Rock Island Pt." 12"x 16" O/Panel

The 12"x 16" panel for this painting was covered with three coats of gesso and a final colour coat of Burnt Sienna with some Cadmium Yellow added just to brighten it up a little. In some areas of the painting, the "red" undercoat may be seen beneath the colours.

As in the previous painting of the "Blue Punt", a very soft graphite pencil was used to lay in the composition and further indicate the shadows and direction of the light source. Again, the drawing was washed with odourless mineral spirits to dilute the graphite particles. The rest of the painting was treated in the traditional manner of laying in the dark values first and building towards the lightest colours and their values.

There was one small problem. I had to lay out my Ultramarine Blue on some paper towel in order to soak up the excess oil that came out of the tube with the colour. Once the towel had soaked up the excess oil, I tranferred the (soft) ribbon of colour to my palette. Problem solved.

The colours on my palette were, Alizarin, Cad. Red Med.,Cad. Yellow, Cad. Lemon, then I added some Raw Sienna, Sap Green and Titanium White. Lastly, I added my Ultramarine Blue that had been laying on the paper towel.



Jayne Rose said...

Great painting...especially that bit of red peaking through. Of course, I'm a bit partial to that technique.

You know what really caught my eye? The subject matter. I did a double take when I saw it. The village I live in is on a river with many bluffs similar to it...Whirlpool Rock, Third Rock, etc. Canoed passed them many times.

So this painting has a good feeling for me.

Frank A. said...

Thank you for the compliments.

It was interesting to read your memorys on what caught your eye about the painting and I am happy that the painting was a "good feeling painting" for you.
I know what you mean about canoeing and I enjoyed reading your canoe adventures. :-)

Happy painting..

Michael Pieczonka said...

Frank... this piece is AmAzInG!!! I can't believe how well you have captured the feeling of what I call "up north". Brilliant colour and brushwork... nice to see you are still lighting up the canvases with so much energy.

cheers, Mike

Frank A. said...

Hi Mike...nice to hear from you.

Thanks for commenting and for the compliment. Yup, we keep trying..:-) ..

Glad to see that you have settled into your new 'digs'. Now to get back to the serious stuff, eh.


Wayne Gaudon said...

Very nice painting Frank and thanks for the comeback on the acrylic underpainting. I was using oil and turps and taking your word as gospel,this weekend, I made up a half dozen using acrylic.


Jared Shear said...

Nice body of work Frank!!....I love those bold energetic lines. Also I enjoy reading a bit about the process you use in tackling some of these works. Very Cool.

Frank A. said...

Thanks for your comment and compliment. I appreciate both of them. It is a good job that these "Painting Rules" are not etched in stone. :-)
I continue to enjoy your 'Cougar Peak-A-Boo' Blog. A great series of work. It has to be a fantastic learning experience.

Take care...

René said...

Your red washess working soooo well

Thank you for putting it on.

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Hello Rene.
...Nice to hear from you again. :-)
Yes, back to the red toned boards. I think that they are very effective under certain painting conditions, as are other colours. Glad that you like it.
Good that you are back at it again.

Cheers !