Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Blue Punt" 10"x 12" O/C

This painting was executed on a piece of 10"x 12" Masonite board. The surface was first prepared by coating the surface with three coats of gesso. A final coat of acrylic paint in a number five grey value (approximate) was applied after the third coat of gesso had dried.
After the grey paint had dried, I proceeded to do the drawing (3B graphite pencil) of the bigger shapes in the lay in. Once I was satisfied with the drawing and layout, I proceed to apply a wash of medium over the graphite to establish my light source and shadows. The wash also dilutes the graphite and enables the paint to be applied over it. If the rule, ' a stroke laid is a stroke stayed', is applied, the loose graphite should not be picked up and spread around, making the paint appear dirty.

The colours for this painting were, Ultramarine blue, Alizarin, Cadmium red, Cadmium yellow med., Lemon yellow, Cerulean blue, Raw Sienna and Titanium white. I also added Sap green later. The medium was odourless mineral spirits.

..happy paintng.


Ed Terpening said...

Great painting. Thanks for sharing your process, too. Would love to read your thoughts on brushwork and how you approach that.

Wayne Gaudon said...

Beautiful Frank. Does acrylic show different than oil if you allow the underpainting to show through in places?


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Beautiful Frank - thanks for sharing.

Frank A. said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ed. I will have to put some thought into the brushwork thingy.. :-) I hope to be able to keep abreast of your travels and workshop this summer. Good luck with both.

Frank A. said...

G'Day Wayne,
Thanks! By underpainting, I assume that you mean the colour of the base or ground coat on the panel before painting in oil? I use acrylic as my base coat to paint on. In the past, I used oil colour wiped down. Acrylic had a much faster turn around time. To answer your question, I did not find any appreciable difference.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Cara, my pleasure. :-)

rob ijbema said...

love the sky in this frank,
it throws up a great mood
and painted with just a few bold strokes...amazing!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob. I appreciate your assesment of the painting and it helps to reinforce some of my thinking on the direction I should be going. Glad it was noticeable.

Have a great painting summer.

Jo Castillo said...

I just love the color in this. I get so into detail but I do like your loose work. All of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work.

Frank A. said...

Hi Jo.. Thanks for checking out the Blog. It is always reasurring, I think, when an artist recognizes another artist's work. Thank you very much for the kind compliments. Happy to share.

Take care.