Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Lilacs In Vignette" 20"x 24" O/C

The lilacs are in full bloom with their soft purples, pinks and white colours. The greens of the leaves were the perfect contrast. It all seemed to me to be a sure invitation to paint them. Their aroma is as ever, intoxicating.

My setup for this painting was not unlike a traditional 'still life'. The lilacs were placed in a vase with water to preserve them as I painted. Drawing with a brush and a diluted colour, I decided that I would not paint the vase that held the lilacs, hence the inspiration to paint them as a vignette. Painting them thus seemed to set them free on the canvas.

My palette for 'Lilacs In Vignette' was my regular limited palette, with the only additional colour being that of Sap Green. I used various sized brushes, those being Nos.8 to 12 flats. Odourless medium was used sparingly while mixing and applying the paint.

The painting as you see it is as it was when I finished my painting session. I will 'live with it' for awhile and then decide if there are modifications to be made.

take care..


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Frank - This is wonderful. I love the way you rendered the blossoms. No tired strokes - all fresh and active. The leaves are also very well rendered. I love this piece.

rob ijbema said...

so different frank,it looks very detailed on the screen,i'm sure it is your ussual loose,close up!

Ed Terpening said...

Your passion for Lilacs really shows in this painting. :-)

Jean Levert Hood said...

Frank, this is gorgeous! Wonderful piece.

Martin said...

Hi Frank,
your lilac painting last year was really great and this new one is again a surprise and joy to see.

eXpressed Impressions said...

Haven't seen your work for bit so now that I know your new posting space I will be keeping an eye. Astounding, as usual.


Frank A. said...

Hi Cara..Thank you very much for the kind compliments and positive critique.
Hope that you are painting up a storm... :-)

..take care

Frank A. said...

Rob, Thanks !
Yup, it is the usual, Rob, or at least I hope it is. :-) Left clicking on the pic should give a larger of the same.
Appreciate you taking a look.


Frank A. said...

Hi Ed..nice to see you here agin...Thanks for the compliment.I hope my passion is more for painting than it shows for the lilacs..:-)

..happy painting.

Frank A. said...

Jean, thank you very much. I am glad that you enjoyed it. looking at your web page. Love the color... :-)

take care..

Frank A. said...

Howdy Wayne !
Hey, Thanks..Great to hear from you.

You have been active for the last while and I am seeing really nice "stuff" (I - am - watching):-)

Please do keep an eye here from time to time...appreciate that.

..have a great summer.

Frank A. said...

Martin, Thanks.
It is nice to hear from you again. I check into your new blog from time to time to check the latest "prints" or drawings. Always amazed! (Even if I do not understand the language, the visuals are universal).. :-)

..have a great summer.

Wayne Gaudon said...

thanks Frank .. I heve decided to post only my blog for awhile so if you want to see the new stuff you will have to go there. LOL


You are still an inspiration.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Wow, Frank, your lilacs almost seem to burst out of your canvas. This painting is wonderful.

Frank A. said...

Stefan, thanks so much for your comments and compliments. As I said in the original post,I will live with it for a short time and decide what to do, if anything. I am presently thinking that I may be able to do more with the "3D" effect that you refer to.
I just do not know enough to leave it alone... ;-) Thanks again.

..have a great painting summer.

Sally said...

I like your illimination of the vase and the close crop of the lilacs having them touch the sides. Good choice. There's an interesting abstract pattern this way. Must have been nice enjoying the smell of them while you painted.