Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Country Renewal" 10"x 12" O/P

With spring comes the promise of renewed enthusiasm and a fresh start. With the fresh haze of greens in the trees and the sounds of spring in the air, the palette for this painting seemed to scream for additional colours. The colours used in this painting were, Cerulean Blue ,Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin, Bright Red,Cadmium Yellow Med., Lemon Yellow and Titanium White. (A warm and cool of each colour or a 'split palette'). As the painting progressed, I added Veridian.

Except for the initial lay in of the drawing and darks, (shadows) little or no medium was used during the painting process. Near the end of the painting I added medium to the colour in order to apply it over the previously (wet) painted areas.

The panel was pre-painted with a number five value gray after the initial gesso ground was put down.

'til next..


Ed Terpening said...

This certainly lives up to it's title--it's someplace I want to be. You keep your colors so clean and articulated (ie, no mud). I guess you lay a stroke down and leave it.

Martin said...

Hello Frank
very impressive work again. It seems you come to summer frequency step by step. :).
all the best

Frank A. said...

Hi Ed..Thanks for your post and compliment.
Yes, you are partially right. :-) If I have to go back into the wet color again, I try not to over mix on the support or canvas. If it is a case of "over mixing", I do it on the palette,(eg. the trees on the rt. side of 'Country Renewal') keeping a dominate color value, then appling it to the painting, again, not over mixing.
I do not know how common this method is or if it even is a method, only to add, "It seems to work for me." :-)
Hope this helps..

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Hello Martin..

Thank you for the compliment.
I guess this is what happens when the winters seem so long and spring has fallen behind... :-)

I Hope your work goes well and that you have a very productive summer.

Take care.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Hi Frank, I see you have been very busy so far this spring! You have some wonderful pieces here.. nice to see the colour explosion that spring brings captured faithfully on your canvases.


Frank A. said...

Michael..Thank you very much. Glad that you are keeping an eye on these paintings.
Spring is a great time for painting...and waiting for the black flies (yuk) :-)

take care..

rob ijbema said...

lovely and animated frank
the scene and the strokes...

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rob !
My work seems to be headed that way (?) I hope it is growth. ;-)

Take care...