Monday, April 30, 2007

" A Village Home" 10" x12" o/p

With this painting, I have continued to use a darker background colour on my panel or canvas. Although this panel is covered with the same or close to the same colour as the last piece I did, I find it interesting how it effects the colours, depending on how little or how much medium is used in the application of the colour.
My personal habit is to begin the painting with darker washes, and in this case the background colour being so strong, shows through the wash. As this happens, I have noticed a tendency to mix complementary colours of the panel colour in continuing the painting. Additional non complimentary colours intentionally added to the canvas or panel tend to be more pure and to have fewer values, or so it seems. As I mentioned in the last painting, I felt the colours to be "animated" and at the same time to be more expressionistic.

I must confess that as this painting progressed and my interest was mainly on what was happening with the colours as less medium was added to the point of no medium at all, I was using a smaller brush. I am sure that this also added to the look of the final painting. For this reason, I have added a second painting that was executed in the same manner as the previous painting except that it was completed with a larger brush. The same background colour can be seen through the additional colours. This background colour surely adds to the warmth of the painting as well, in this particular case.

"A Country Home In Spring" 8"x10" o/p

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Jayne Rose Designs said...

Wow. Again, I love the color in both of these new pieces. I also start with a dark wash before starting on any painting. My color of choice is red cad. medium.

And you're so right. The undercolor truly influences every stroke thereafter. It even influences my mood!

Your spring paintings are wonderful...ain't it grand?

Frank A. said...

Jayne, again thank you ! I usually start with a darker value of the red family,but have not used a med. I will have to put that on my 'to do list', thank you. Orange was a departure for me.

Thought that your 'Pears piece' was a gem. Loved the overhead view and size. Congrats on the sale as well.

Yea,spring :-)

Take care.