Friday, March 23, 2007

"Last Of The Spring Snow'

It was a beautiful day to go out and paint. It was also a last chance to paint my final snow painting of the year. This is the scene that I chose to paint and as you can see, there are snow patches on the north bank and melting ice in the beaver pond.

The temperature was around 9 degree C. and I was able to paint comfortably without the heavy coat.
As I said, "A beautiful day to paint".

In the next photo you are able to see the plein air painting in progress and my pachode box. I use this pachode box for most of my plein air paintings. It is fast and easy to set up and has a camera tripod system that holds the palette and box securely. For any support or canvas larger than 16"x20", I use my French easel or the aluminium Stan rite'
The limited palette (colours) may be seen on the palette. If I remember correctly, I added a Sap Green as an additional colour.

"Last Of The Spring Snow" 10"x 12" Oil / Panel


Martin said...

Hello Frank,
congratulations to that beautiful painting. I love your colour handling and especially the blues and violets in this one.
all the best

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin.

Thank you very much, Martin. It has been a bit of a chore to use more expressive col. :-)

I really like your new blog since you have changed. It seems to really suit your beautiful drawings and the prints. The blog has a very "high graphic look" in my opinion.

Much luck with them both..


rob ijbema said...

Frank,this is so strong in every sense,the bold yet harmonious color,the discipline and looseness...

spend an hour or so on your blog this afternoon but never left a comment,the kids came in,then found your message on mine,you are either telepathic or you use a

Frank A. said...


lol, haven't felt me looking over your shoulder ?

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Wonderful painting Frank –

You successfully conveyed the spring time pushing winter out the door. Love this one. Cara

Frank A. said...

Thank you, Cara. I appreciate your compliment.
I think that we are all tired of winter and glad to see the end of it. It will be nice to paint outside without having to get bundled up in the winter 'duds'. :-)

Take care...

william wray said...

Like I said on Wet c- this one explodes with color and life. Your work is aways a pleasure.

Frank A. said...


Thank you for the kind and generous compliments. I appreciate that you take time to check out the blog and comment.

Take care.

Antony Bridge said...

Great energy on that piece, really nice.


Frank A. said...

Anthony..Thank you for your comment and compliment, much appreciated.
I am really going to have to get a "handle" on '" . and your work. Very interesting site..Thanks. : )

Take care..