Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Wet Autumn" 8"x10" O/panel

Okay, I have grown tired of waiting for snow and winter. As a result, I have given in to painting from reference photos and creating small studio studies . I plan to, in the future, to use these small paintings or studies as reference material for larger paintings. In some cases these future paintings would be in the 20"x24", 24"x30" range.

The method for painting this small painting is the same method previously used and explained in painting the past plein air pieces.

'til next..


Jayne Rose Designs said...

Great painting. Lots of movement and color. I'll come back often to check out your new stuff. Happy January!

Frank A. said...

jayne rose designs--

Thanks for dropping in. I appreciate your comment and compliments.
I visited your blog and web page. Great art in both and really,I do not know how you find the time.

Welcome back anytime.
Take care.

Bill Lathrop said...


Was browsing around Wet Canvas building up the courage to start the morning's work and found your paintings. Truly great work. Color, design, the feel of paint are all wonderful.

Frank A. said...

Bill, thanks for popping in !Thank you also for the encouraging compliments. Much appreciated !

Take care.