Thursday, December 07, 2006

" Gone For The Winter" 11"x14" O/Panel

First, permit me apologize for the inactivity on my blog. It has been two weeks since my computer started to act up. The problem was thought to be corrected but I still do not feel comfortable with it. We shall see what happens....

So, to carry on from where the autumn seemed to leave off, and me waiting for the snow to fall, I found several scenes to hold my interest. The scene above is of a "Gentleman's Farm" that is only inhabited during the summer months. A few leaves hang on to defy the coming snows and the whole scene takes on a lonely, waiting feeling. I hope that I have captured this feeling in the painting.
This painting continues with the larger brush (No 8) . As I got closer to the finish, the details were finished with the "rigger" brush. For example, this change in the brush may be seen in the smaller branches.

I thought that this enlargement would be of interest. I inserted it because I thought that it showed the brush strokes created by the bigger brush and their abstract qualities. When "squinted" at, you can see how the strokes and their different values seem to "melt" together to suggest a particular subject or form.

'til next..


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Glad you "online" again, and starting with such a nice painting is a good fore token.

I wonder though what kind of brushes you use, is it hog hair or filbre or what? i now a days use a # 24 flat filbre, (that's 1 inch. i reckon) and when kept nice they almost can make the same thin lines as that rigger.

Again nice to have you back!!

Frank A. said...

Hi Rene.. :-)

Nice to hear from you. I think I will have to take the machine back for more work. It is fighting back ! Most of my brushes are inexpensive because the panel has a rough surface that wears the fibres down quickly.They are hog hair.
Thanks for the heads-up on your brushes. I will have to give them a try. It will be a new experience.
Hmmm..fibre you say... :-)

Thanks for the compliment on the painting and for "popping" in. I will eventually get back on the internet at full speed...I hope.

I have been really enjoying your latest work.

All the best to you and your family this Christmas and continued good health and painting in the New Year.

Take care...