Friday, December 08, 2006

"Cottage Road In Autumn" 11"x14" oil/panel

Here is another autumn painting that was painted earlier in the fall season. Again, I have shown the enlargement in order to view the brush strokes and their texture or lack of texture. I feel that these strokes and/or their application are more abstract than in the previous painting, "Gone For The Winter". In spite of their abstactness, when viewed from a distance or viewed by "squinting", I feel that the strokes come together to form recognizable shapes or the impression of shapes. For example, trees, shubs, etc.

As my paintings continue to evolve, I have noticed a tendency to exagerate or to "animate" the colours ( as I like to think) and their values.

Enlargment from, "Cottage Road In Autumn"

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Anonymous said...

a Feast of color again Frank!!

You said Hog haired brushes, that's correct that they wore out fast. Filbert is a Little between hog hair and marter(?)They also a more resistant.

Good luck with your computer, hope it will work soon.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rene. I will look into getting a few of those bigger brushes.
The computer seems to be working okay now. But...!

Take care.