Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"The Town Pond" 16"x20" oil on panel

" Railway Storage Sheds" 8"x10" oil on panel (destined to be demolished)

I spent the last weekend painting in Uxbridge, a beautiful small town northeast of Toronto. The event was sponsored by the friendly Uxbridge Plein Air Society . Many of the local plein air painters and painters from other areas of the province took part in the " paint-in" and other social events.
It was a good opportunity to meet other artists and to exchange ideas and trends. Many new friendships were were made, I am sure.

The paintings above , The Town Pond and Railway Storage Sheds are two of four paintings that I did on that three day paintout. The 16"x20" painting was the largest of the four. I think that it may be a little on the "fussy side" but that is a hazard when the sun is out, the painting is happening as planned, and all is right with the world. I think that you get the picture and I am sure that we have all been there.

I can only add that if such a painting opportunity should arise in your area, I would definately say, "Go for it !"

'til next.

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