Thursday, October 12, 2006

" The Road To Marlbank " 10"x 12" O/ Toned Canvas

This is my latest painting and differs from the others by its approach. The initial start was a carbon pencil sketch, very freely drawn ( contour) on a grey toned canvas.
Some time was spent with a large brush dampened with my medium or odourless mineral spirits and scumbling around in the loose drawing. Weakening the drawing and generally getting a feel for the canvas seemed to be the objective at this time.

The painting continued in the traditional way by working with the darker colours and shadow areas. When I was satisfied with this step , I then studied it for a few minutes and proceeded to wipe out some of the areas that I felt needed lightening with a soft cloth.

At this time , I set the medium aside and worked with the paint as it comes from the tube. At first, the paint was applied very thinly and to different areas of the canvas, gradually building the paint up by the scumbling method and dry brush.

The final touches or the brightest colours were applied with the larger brush (number six) and "dragged on" to the surface. In many areas of the painting, the original ground colour ( grey) of the canvas may be seen. Some final flurrishes were added at the end with the rigger brush.

It was a very interesting method and I was satisfied with the results.

'til next.


rob ijbema said...

Hi Frank,
just spend a lovely time at your blog,thanks for sharing your brilliant paintings!!

Dean H. said...

Thanks for your enlightening description, Frank. The results are beautiful.

Frank A. said...

Hi Rob
Happy to see you here, Rob. The sharing of the paintings is my pleasure for sure. Glad that you enjoyed them.

Frank A. said...

You are welcome, Dean. Thanks for the compliment.Much appreciated.