Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"The Driveshed" 11"x14" oil on panel

It is not often that one comes across this nostalgic type of image and is still able to paint it. This painting was a sure reminder of the many scenes that I had painted in the past that held a special, personal place in my mind and heart. Whether it was an old lane lined with maple trees, a deserted country home, or maybe an old one room school, no longer needed, or just the lay of the land, they all seemed destined to fade into the past with their deja vu sounds and smells.
I have gone back to a number of these past painting spots, and it is amazing how many do not exist now, nor is there a sign that they ever did. I am pleased that I have had the privilage to paint them .

'til next.

" The Wren House" 11"x14" oil/panel

The fall colours are really starting to show at their best now and it is an exciting time to be painting.
The little test that I have set up for myself in this particular painting is to carry on with the bigger brushes and at the same time "loosen up", almost to the point of abstraction . Is it "loose" or is it "sloppy" may be the question that comes to mind. Personally, the drawing I feel may suffer at this stage, but again, that is purely subjective . (Big brushes will do that.) I think that the drawing may be gathered or tightened as the painting nears completion with the aid of the smaller brushes. In some instances, the drawing is left to suffer by itself.
The bigger shapes I feel can stand by themselves. For example, I refer to the shapes to the left of the steps and also to the right of the steps. The colours and their different values suggest the lawn and on the right, the clumps of flowers and dirt in the shadow the the stairs. Again, with the addition of a few strokes of "flower" colours or stems, the illusion of the little garden is created . All that was left to do was to add a few flurrishes of the small brush and some "scratches" (as drawing) to add to that impression.

Maybe it is the beginning of a new school of painting. What shall we call it ?... The Slap Dash School ? Hmmm...

'til next.


Anonymous said...
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Freiluftmaler said...

Hello Frank,
the drive shed is a great little painting. I like your choice and use of colors. I believet hat you have taken your painterly statement again to another higher level since June this year. Time for the harvest seems to come soon, you have grown a beautiful and special crop. Congratulations.