Friday, October 20, 2006

"Cataraqui Conservation" 11"x14" oil on panel

"Cataraqui" is a native word meaning " meeting place". Today, it is a conservation area that divides the city into east and west.
The painting proceedure for this painting was not unlike that of the previous painting, "The Road To Marlbank".
The particular palette for this painting is still the limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Med. and Alizarin. As the painting developed, some other colours were added to the original palette or its' mixtures. If I remember correctly, the other colours were, Cerulean Blue, Raw S. ,Veridian and a Bright Red.

The object in this painting was to more of less isolate the colour shapes within the bigger shapes of the carbon pencil contour drawing. This I feel accounts for the "scumbly" look of the "searching" brush strokes
in the suggested trees and bushes. The sky, for the most part was "attacked" the same way. In hindsight, I think this method helps contribute to the loose feel of the painting.

After this stage, I began to define or develope those areas by adding the strokes that represent the branches and some of the loose leaves that seem to float unattached. The Ends of the branches were added lastly on top of the sky colour with a downward stroke, using the side of the brush. (A No. 8, just in case you were wondering.)

I liked what was happening in the painting as I watched it grow. I think that this method worked in this case and is worth further development.

'til next


Anonymous said...

Frank, this is beautiful. I love the way you've captured a very emotive feel and sense of Autumn with very simple and effective color and brushwork. Gorgeous.

BTW, I didn't see this on WC anywhere. Have you posted it there?


Freiluftmaler said...

Hello Frank,
your work develops in a decent and remarkable way. It´s always an inspiration to check out your blog.

Frank A. said...

Hey, Martin...It is a pleasure to hear from you again. You were on my mind just the other day, wondering how you were doing and if everything was all right. ..Miss your drawings...
Thank you for the comment and compliment. I appreciate that you check them out from time to time. :-)

Take care.

Freiluftmaler said...

Hi Frank,
everything is o.k. over here.Just finsished my first public show of prints. 7 out of 20 sold plus 2 from a small catalog. But another good thing was to see that the show gave a bit of a kick to the people,who saw their village from a different point of view. Alltogether feels like being on the right track with engine under steam :).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always, Frank!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Dean, :-) Appreciate the compliment.
Take care.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Frank.. what a great painting. The colours remind me so much of the fall in Ontario. Beautiful work in the trees!


Frank A. said...

Hi Mike !

Nice to have you checking them out. I appreciate your comments and for replying. Thanks !

Have a "Happy New Year" and the best of painting in '07.

Take care...