Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Hung Out To Dry" 10"x12" O/B

This particular painting follows the same rules that I had set down for myself in previous paintings. I have tried to stay true to the larger brushes and a limited palette.
The limited palette in this particular painting was, (1) Ultramarine Blue, (2) Alizarin, (3) Cadmium Yellow Medium, and (4) Titanium White. In addition to these colours, I added Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Lemon Yellow, and Raw Sienna as the painting progressed.

The Brushes used were sizes 8 and 4. While finishing the painting, I also used a "Rigger Brush" for the smaller strokes or dots of paint. There is also a hint of some scratching into the paint in order to create the look of the odd stick or blade of grass.

While doing this painting, I used (OMS) oderless mineral spirits as my medium and "cooking oil" to clean my brushes. If you try this method, make sure that you wipe or remove the residue and "cooking oil" completely from the brush before reloading the brush with fresh paint. You do not want to mix the "cooking oil" with the fresh paint as "cooking oil" may never dry.

The "lay-in" for the painting was executed by diluting my first dark colours into a "soupy mixture" and applying freely to the canvas or support. They almost felt dry to the touch after a few minutes drying time. After this period of time, I was able to continue by adding my middle colours and their values.

The third stage of the painting was to bring the high lights in and to adjust some of the values so that I felt the aerial perspective read right to my eye.

I like the loose feeling of this painting.

Take care..


william wray said...

I like this one so much I'm speachless. So I'll say what I said on the WC. Clap- clap -clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-!

Dave Rasel said...

Frank, your work just blows me away! Fantastic!

Freiluftmaler said...

I have been looking at this one quite a lot of times and I think it´s da... good.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Martin :-) Appreciate the compliment. Glad to hear that the exhibition went well. Your town has certainly discovered another asset.

Take care, Frank.