Sunday, July 30, 2006

" Kingston Mills" oil on panel 10"x12"

This is a painting of Kingston Mills Lock which is located on the Rideau Canal. This location is between Kingston on the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa, Canada's capital.

As with the previous painting , "Wolfe Island Recluse", this piece was also executed from the beginning with "larger brushes" . In this case, the brushes were sizes eight and ten. The initial layin with the bigger brushes and the darkest colours mixed from the limited palette (almost a water colour wash) were used in the biggest shapes and as the painting progressed, smaller brushes (and less medium) were used, and the smallest reserved until the final detales. This was a number two sized brush.

My palette for this particular painting was, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson , Medium Red and Lemon Yellow and Titanium White. In this painting, I also added Indian red and Terre Verte.

So, working with the larger brushes has been a positive experience and one that I will continue to explore.

'til next time...


william wray said...

Frank, I have a favor to ask: please post your paintings on the largest size so we can really see them.

Frank A. said...

You got it, William....Thanks.