Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Rock Garden" 11"x14" oil/panel

I could not pass up the opportunity to paint in this beautiful rock garden. It is a garden that has been developed over the years by volunteers from the community and inmates from the local correctional institutions. Made up of many wild flowers, various kinds of trees and a winding path, not to mention stone, it provides many different and inviting views. It lies adjacent to the historically designated village of Barriefield, on the banks of the Rideau River.
The palette for this particular painting, again, is the basic palette . It is made up of , Alizarin Red , Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow light and Titanium White. As the painting progressed, I added touches of Permanent Rose and Cerulean Blue to the colour mixtures.
At the time of painting, I felt that the picture needed more of a human element. ... I added the picket fence...

"Spring Lilies" oil/canvas 16"x20"

Continuing to look for more opportunities to paint spring paintings, I returned to a spot that I frequent many times during other seasons of the year. It is a beaver pond that holds some fascination for me and never seems to fail in providing insperation for yet another painting. This time was no different.
The light was strong and provided many contrasts. Especially noticeable was the strong light on the central figure of the painting, the brightly lit. spring greens of the Poplar tree.
I started this painting with my basic (3) palette and as the picture progressed, added other colours in order to get what I thought was a closer impression of the colours that I saw. I guess one could say, " I really got into this one".


Phyllis said...

I really love this one, Frank! Put it on my computer screen 'cause I like it so much. Also the next one of the garden is especially lovely.

I've started a blog for the Pa. En Plein Air Society and want to add a link to your blog. Is that ok with you? I think some of the other members would really enjoy seeing your work. Phyllis Rennie

Frank A. said...

Thank you,Phyllis for the beautiful commpliment.

I would be honored to have you add a link to my blog. I know that I will enjoy seeing their work in return. Good luck with your En Plein Air Society's blog. Frank.

Phyllis said...

Thanks. Now if I can only get them to participate--sigh.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.