Monday, June 19, 2006

"Cottage On Lilac Lane" oil/panel 10"x12"

This is a painting that just seemed to come together very fast. It felt as though it was painting itself. I sometimes wonder when this happens if it is because many of the passages as they are painted are not reworked, but left as laid. "A stroke laid is a stroke stayed," as they say. Very little second guessing occurs and I think that it is a sign of confidence or maturity in the artists brushwork or handling of paint.
Interesting, I thought, was a comment made by fellow painter after having viewed the painting. "Painting plein air is also knowing when to stop and not "chase" the scene." Thinking about it, I wondered just how many paintings may have been ruined because of the artist reworking, changing in midstream, chasing shadows, etc., just never being able to leave it alone or call it, " finished". Maybe, just maybe, it comes with the maturity and confidence that I mentioned previously.
This cottage is one in the row of cottages that has been renovated in Barriefield. Many of the old homes are undergoing renovation in the village at this time.
A beautiful area to paint in.

"A Barriefield Street" 8"x10" oil/panel

I believe this small painting to be a "true" plein air painting as it falls within the "rules" as I understand them. It was painted completely on site and I feel, captures the essence of the subject as seen in a "fleeting moment". A freezing of time, if you will.
This painting was painted using my limited palette , which I feel helps, in this case, to unify the subject matter.
Nearing completion, there were a series of "flurrishes" and strokes that I feel, help to give the painting a feeling of immediacy and loosness. The longer brush strokes in the street, a few dots and dashes here and there and the short "scratches", are examples of this.
Altogether, a very satisfying subject and fun to paint.


Ed Terpening said...

Nice work. I agree, it represents what Plein Air is all about. Thank goodness for artists like us that venture out side now and again ;-)

Frank A. said...

Ed ...Thanks for taking the time to scan my blog and for commenting.
Your site and blog are very entertaining. Great paintings! Loved your palette especially.

Take care...

Pilan said...

Frank, I ran across your posting in the WC plein air forum. Your paintings are wonderful. I love your style. You seem to blur the lines and I love this look. It sort of lends a hint of mystic to your paintings.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.