Thursday, May 04, 2006

"An Opinicon Roadside Farm" -oil on panel , 11"x 14"

Time to throw off the mitts. The long winter of cold weather painting is finally over. Another season begins and everything is "new" again. The sights, the sounds and the fresh fragrances are invigorating.

Landscape painting at this time of the year is an awakening for the artist as well. It is a renewal that has been long awaited. New ideas and plans for paintings seem to be endlessly flowing from the mind. A time when enthusiasm is at its highest.

This painting, "An Opinicon Roadside Farm", was painted with my limited palette of colours. In this painting the yellow that I had been using, Cadmium Yellow Med., was substituted by "Lemon Yellow", a cooler yellow. My palette was as follows.
Red- Madder Lake Deep, Blue- Ultramarine, Yellow- Lemon Yellow, White- Titanium and in some areas, I mixed a "Grey" with the colours to help " modify" the mixtures further. A Medium was, for the most part, only used at the "lay in" or beginning stage and left to "evaporate" for a short period of time. ( .... remember, natural light is forever changing and disappearing with time !)

Spring, Yessss!!

'til next..


rob ijbema said...

Frank this is a wonderfull painting
love the crookedness of house and pole,very nice light,must try a pile of grey
take care bobbo

Frank A. said...

Hi bobbo...
Nice to hear from you. Yup, sometimes the crookedness just seems more casual and adds to the "loose" feel that we clammer for, IMHO..(or is it a lousy excuse for poor drawing?)
The "grey" is a new thing with me and is still at the learning stage. I think I like what is happening.
Thanks for checking the blog out..

Keep well..

Freiluftmaler said...

Hi Frank
I enjoy your blog a lot..always something good to see and read.
I find it very convenient to be informed about new entries on other blogs, would you consider to put in a feature that allows me to subscribe to your blog ??
I plan to establish an "international" blog in english language soon too.

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin...I would love to...if only I knew how. (smile) This whole thing is a WIP and perhaps I will learn that later. Thanks for asking, though.

Anonymous said...

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