Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Backyard Lilacs" 20"x16" oil/canvas

During this time of spring in my part of the country, many trees and flowers are in full bloom and the air is full of many sense numbing fragrances.
It is also a time of unexpected rain that will put a finish to many plein air painting starts. Today was one of those days and I was forced to paint indoors. Anyway, a good spring project on a rainy day, I thought. And, the only wet part in doing this painting was going out into my backyard to get the lilacs. Things were looking up !

This piece was painted with a limited palette. The oil colours were, Red - Alizarin Crimson, Blue - Ultramarine Blue, Yellow - Yellow Ochre. My white paint was Titanium White. Also on my palette was a Cadmium Yellow Pale.
This piece was painted in a comfortable three and a half hours. I guess there is someting to be said for rainy day indoor painting. No black flies or mosquitoes are just two that come to mind..

'til next time..


Freiluftmaler said...

Man o man, Frank, usually I avoid flower paintings like the devil fleas the holy water.
I can`t remember when I saw such a convincing flower painting. Lilac is in my opinion the most difficult flower to paint.
This one got everything.. great work.

Wyn Easton said...

Hi Frank - You continue to inspire me. The painting has a wonderful quality of early impressionists.
Great job.

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin
Thank you for your comment and compliment on the lilac painting. Appreciate it ! (Hey , still looking for more of your great ink drawings!)

Frank A. said...

Howdy Wyn !
Thank you for your comment on the lilac painting. I hope that I do not lead you astray. ( smile)
I, again, wish you much luck on your new, full time vocation. I can honestly say , "been there, done it"...and never looked back. Life is great! Go for it, Wyn !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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