Thursday, April 13, 2006

"The Last Snow Fall" 10"x12"- Oil colours on prepared board and limited palette.

In retrospect, it was beautiful to see the "new" snow and to be able to paint it and the blue shadows that were cast upon it. It seems that I have painted many pictures along this old road and have come to respect and love the area, especially for all that it has given me.
I think that it was the perfect day to paint, as it turned out to be, the last winter scene '06.

..'til next time.


Larry Seiler said... are a master! Just wish in these remote northwoods I had one or two partners to paint with...but with talent such as yours. What a delight it would be!

I was just thinking, my mother's maiden name is Edwards...from Oswestry, Wales. My grandfather was a fire marshall in London during the Battle for Britain.

Love this piece here Frank...and the one two posts before this one coming around that point of the road. Just absolutely lovely!!!


Frank A. said...

Thank you very much for your compliments. I apologize for not answering sooner.
I have just re-read your post and my curiosity rose at the mention of your mother's maiden name.
Now, the reason...and I will try to keep it simple. Has she,to your memory, ever remarked about the "Edwards family" owning the property that the United Empire State building in New York city sits on ? Just curious !
Thanks again.
Take care...