Wednesday, March 08, 2006

" Coming And Going" 11"x14" oil on canvas

This painting is a continuation of my experiment with the same palette that I used in the painting named, "Cottage Road In Winter". In this particular piece, I feel that I pushed the colours more than I did in the previous painting. By this, I mean that I achieved more variety in the colours and at the same time, more values. I feel that by changing one of the colours, I was succesful in what I was trying to achieve in this painting and also in the painting,"Cottage Road In Winter".

"From A Winter Marsh" 11'X14" oil on canvas board

This painting started out as a "plein air" or "on site" painting that just did not seem to take shape. It just seems that there are days like that. A bad day at the office you might say. After a few days at home, I decided to look at the painting again with fresh eyes. I decided that I should have another go at it . Nothing to lose, right? I used the same three colours on my palette for this painting. I am happy with this piece considering how I felt about it after the initial start.

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