Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Winter On Opeongo Road" 11"x 14" Oil on gessoed board

Well, I finally arrived at the end of a snow storm to do some plein air painting.
The first painting was attempted while the wind was blowing and the snow was still falling. Mistake ! This was not a pleasant experience as the drifting snow played it's worst on the palette and the oil colours. This is a fair warning !!... If you have not painted in these conditions, my advise would be to stay in a warm place and perhaps attempt a still life..

The snow mixes with the oil paint and makes it look and feel as though sand had been added to the paint. The canvas or panel becomes wet and as we know, oil and water do not mix. When paint is picked up from the palette by the brush (with the snow mixed in) it can not be applied (because of the snow mixed with the paint) to the wet canvas or on a previous application of paint. More medium does not seem to make a difference.
At one point while painting or trying to, I had to hold the palette upside down and knock the snow off in order to see the paint. It can be demoralizing !

Later attempts, after the weather cleared up proved to be more pleasurable, although the temperature hovered around the minus fourteen degrees celcius mark.
It felt good to be out in the cold air and freshly fallen snow, and to have the winter sun shining in your face. This was more like it !

While painting , it was unusual to have a "Jay" land on the edge of my painting box and try to peck away at my Alizarin Crimson. Even though I startled her away, she stayed close by awaitng another chance at my palette and its colours. Strange !

It all added up to a great painting experience.

'til next time...

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