Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, the warmer weather and rain the last few days have really played havoc with all the snow that we had.
Patches of water from the rain and thaw lay in the snowless areas on the surface of the lake. It tends to give the appearance of an early spring to the painting. The glistening of the water on the surface of the ice, the reflection of the sky on the surface water and the patches of shadowless snow that are slowly receeding, all add to this "look".
...Tough to paint, knowing that colder times are only hours away, so they say.

This piece (Early Winter, Round Lake) was painted or started while the sky was overcast in gray cloud, with the sun periodicly showing it's face.
This painting is 10"x12", ( limited palette) oil on (white) gessoed panel, and painted with brushes.

Thanks for lookin'...

'Til next.

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Anonymous said...

I love your artwork... I really like the colours in all the autum paintings : ) great job! bye