Saturday, December 31, 2005

While out looking for that last hidden colour of Autumn and hopefully to paint the last painting before the snow flies, I discovered this deserted old home. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Grandma has left the building". It was a stately old home with outbuildings that seemed to "ooze" with character. ...And the lighting was just right! It was a beautuiful late autumn day.
While painting this piece, I tried to keep in mind that I wanted the middle-right side of the house, the driveway, and delapitated garage (?) to be the main focal point of the painting. Hence, the ,what I believe to be , the brighter colours, leading into this area and through to background.
The palette for this painting was a limited one except for the addition of a Cobalt Blue.
This painting is 10 x12 inches and is oil on gessoed panel.

...Know what ? I think that I will keep my first thought and name it," Grandma Has Left The Building"

Til next...


Freiluftmaler said...

Hi Frank
what a great little painting, congratulations and greetings from Germany.
all the best

Frank A. said...

Hi Martin

Thank you for checking out the blog, Martin. Alway nice to hear from you.
Take care..

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, I love your paintings!!!I am a friend of your friend, AWBS, and he gave me this blog site today. He is painting in Warkworth at the Maple Syrup Festival and completed a wonderful painting of the post office yesterday. I am a beginning painter and hope that someday my work will look something like yours and B's. Thanks for sharing! S.

Frank A. said...

Hi S...:)

Thank you for checking out my blog and the paintings.
I am glad to hear that B.S. is busy at the M.S.Festival. and has passed the blog on to you.
I wish you success and good luck with your paintings.
It has been a pleasure to share them with you.

Take care...