Friday, November 04, 2005

Well, it is beginning to look as though the end is near for autumn plein air painting. This painting was executed last Tuesday. (Nov. 1) The bright colours of a week ago have given way to the darker greyed and seemingly tired colours of a soggy wet fall.
While painting this piece, I tried to keep in mind and create the heavier look, which is characteristic of soggy leaves, by using the darker greyed colours wherever they were observered. Without a direct light source in the painting, the sharp shadows of objects were for the most part, unseen.
The later autumn changes in weather with the ever changing sky, make it feel a little more turbulant, with more noticeable changes to the local sky colour. I depicted this turbulance by painting the sky colour with added touches of other colours in order to produce warm and cool areas in the sky.
This turbulance is further exagerated by less blending of the paint and the texture of the brush strokes left to be "felt" by the eye of the viewer.

"Late Autumn Lane" 11x14 inches, oil on stretched cotton canvas.

Given some nice weather yet to come, there will be pockets of colour holding out, waiting to be found and painted. Maybe, just maybe, one more fall painting..
...Wish me happy hunting.

Later !...


Carol King said...

Hi, Frank / Francis -
Love the way you've expressed your thoughts re your paintings. I think this is my favourite because of the pastel colours - especially the feel of the sun when it broke through.
Shall look for more during the year. ck

T DryFeather said...

Gidday Loner!.....Great blog job!Some of these paintings look familiar! YUKYUK!....Great pproject Frank! Your ol' Paintin' Sidekick! Ton-Toe

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank!
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Scott A. Edwards said...
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