Friday, October 21, 2005

This is my first afternoon of painting in Algonquin Park this autumn. A beautiful sunny day.
Algonquin Provincial Park is a large rugged parcel of land that is situated north of Toronto, Canada. It was helped to be made famous by a group of landscape painters known as "The Group Of Seven".

The leaves were fast going but the colour was still strong. I prefer to paint at this time of the year, as I implied before, the colours are not screaming at me. Although, I had the feeling that if a strong wind came up, it would be the end of the leaves, and hence, the colour. Still, it was great to be here and to be painting in the midst of it all. "Does it get any better?", I thought.
Little did I know then what tomorrow would bring.

This painting is 16"x20", limited palette (oil) on stretched canvas.

This is the first painting of the second day (rainy) in Algonquin. The colours darken as the scene is soaked with rain water and the painting is much more somber in appearance than if the scene was in full sunlight. Distances become less defined (aerial perspective) under these conditions. Rather than painting under the influence of a normal sunny day, I am presented with a totally different circumstance. Rain! It will be a challenge.

It was uncomfortable painting. The rain was intermittent and the wind was cold and steady. Working quickly, I managed to finish the painting, alla prima. (my translation would be, "In one go.") It was now time for some hot soup...I was pleased with this one.
This painting is 9"x12", a limited palette (oil) on a gessoed panel .

To be continued.....



Anonymous said...
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ODD said...

Your paintings are georgous.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy looking at the art work, and learning about the process behind the paintings; however, it is disappointing to see some people deface the blog with their useless advertisements that no visitor would ever care about. I guess it's not unlike the marginalized teenager who feels the need to vandalize (tag) public and private property with grafiti. Shame on them.