Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So, here we are, showing the fourth painting that was painted in The Algonquin Park area. And would you not know it, the sun breaks through as the painting nears completion. It was so nice to see the sun after a few days of painting in the rain that I could not help but to put it breaking in, warming the sky ( on the top left) and the distant hills .
The river is the Madawaska River, a favourite area for plein air painters.

It is interesting to me that trees and wild plants can grow out of the narrowest of cracks in the granite. It just seemed natural to name this painting, "Rock Garden".
This painting is larger than some of the previous paintings in that it is 20"x24" Still, oil on stretched canvas.

And, this is the third painting of the trip. Yes, still raining. Now, I ask you, "How often does one find a gazebo in the wilds?" I think that my luck must be changing. A dry spot, sort of. This "vertical" painting is a rather unusual format for me as I would normally paint on a horizontal board or canvas. This particular scene seems to dictate a vertical canvas because of the strong verticals of the background trunks of the trees . The rain has soaked the scene, and the lack of light, read sun, has left the colours on the darker side of the value scale. Without the light scource, and resulting shadows, one is left to paint the local colours of the objects. This painting is 16"x20", oil on stretched canvas. "Oxtongue Rapids"

If I may, I would like to say a thank you to those who have taken the time to comment on my paintings. I appreciate your comments.

Til next.....


Anonymous said...
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Carol King said...

Like this painting because the colours are so warm. Could just see it hanging on my wall!!

Carol King said...

Hi, Frank -
We're delighted with our painting and everyday John makes a point of 'taking a walk through the woods'. "Rock Garden" still catches my eye. Do you still have it???
I don't think I have your correct e-mail address. Help!
Still here!!!!