Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"A Driveshed On White Lake Road"
9"x12" oil on gessoed panel

Another nice day for painting and an opportunity to continue working with the Backhaus limited palette, as explained in a previous post.
I think that the learning curve is not as steep as it was in the first painting. Also, getting used to the colours and their mixing characteristics to each other is the obvious key. Until one sorts out the possibilities, it is rather slow going. Although the possibilities do seem endless, I still felt somewhat intimidated by having "black" on the palette. New tricks do not come easy. In spite of this, I feel this is a strong palette of colours and deserves further study. We shall see... Later.


Phyllis said...

Hi Frank, Looks like you're getting used to the new palette--this one's not as "heavy" in the darker areas. I've tried using Ivory Black in a couple of paintings--the colors are always somewhat surprising to me. Good to see you out there experimenting.

Anonymous said...

It was cold enough...to hang the decorations today....wonder if it was too cold ...to decorate a panel out there!