Thursday, September 22, 2005

Now, on a lighter note, here I am painting in Monet's garden, Giverny, France. What a beautiful experience ! You would love it.

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my introduction.

See y'u.

I was painting on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, east of Quebec city at a town called Bae-St. Paul when this storm began to build. It was a "hurry up" job to get finished before the storm broke. Sometimes, having to work fast can be a good thing. This painting is 16x20 inches, again, oil on stretched canvas.
As an aside, I have been told that at one time not long ago, folks could whale watch at this site. The whale does not venture this far up the St. Lawrence River anymore. Pollution has since put an end to that and we are now the loosers.

This painting represents for the most part, the largest canvas that I would in less than ideal weather conditions, attempt to paint on. It is 24 x30 inches. More than a few times have I had to chase down a wet painted wind blown canvas, only to return to my painting site to find a overturned easel , a spilled paint box and scattered tubes of paint. A lesson hard learned.

An easel on the edge of a summer stream, the happy songs of the birds and the smell of flowers and oil paint... does it get any better? This painting is16x20 inches, oil on stretched canvas.

This painting is 11x14 inches, oil on canvas. Autumn is the time of year when we (those who paint in all seasons) have to make the transition from the "summer greens" to the vibrant colours of fall. The colours just never seem to last long enough during this all to short season.

This painting is called, "Spring Break" and is 16x20 inches, oil on stretched canvas. As you can see, it was painted in the early spring as the dark water began to appear between the shoreline and the rotting ice. The temperature was around the freezing mark while this painting was executed.

By way of introduction, here are a few paintings of the near past....


Linda Blondheim said...

I love your paintings Frank. Great that you have a blog now.

Anonymous said...

fantastic work Frank
i enjoy all of them....

Anonymous said...

Frank, your paintings are great. I was finally able to get to your blog. Love your "Scarecrow" Can't wait to see what you painted today, Aug 30/06.