Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi Everyone !
My name is Frank A. Edwards.
As a landscape painter, I am primarily interested in painting "en plein aire, or painting in the open air.
I plan to show my paintings and comment on them or any other influences that may have contributed to their creation.

I hope that this will be a fun experience, and that an ol' dog can learn new tricks. (See me smiling?)Photo- Autumn Painting on the Madawaska River, Ontario Canada  (Photo by Bruce Sherman).See y'u...


Freiluftmaler said...

Hello Frank ..
your paintings look great..and it`s wonderful that you have started this site..hope to see more work and read some more stories.

James (or Jimmy Jim) said...

Hi Frank,

Looking good! Love your work.

Those are some big canvases.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. The paintings show well. Any of these would be a fine addition to the Edwards' in my private collection. MTE in Ottawa.