Monday, September 26, 2005

And, another from the near past, painted around this time of the year. This painting is 16x20 inches, oil on canvas. An autumn piece, painted north of Baie- St Paul, east of Quebec City. It is titled "Lac Raymond".

See y'u.

This is an enlargement of a small area of the painting and helps to show the texture and final colours. Can you guess where it fits ?

Well, in spite of the mess, here is the final painting. (16x20 inches, oil on stretched canvas) I think that it "cleaned-up" quite well. Small spots of the red underpainting show through here and there, but, I feel that they add to the" feel" of the painting. If I had left the canvas white, I would now have to go back and fill in all the little white spots.
Oh, by the way, the heron left before I could get him into the picture. Next time!

No, it is not a surprise! I usually tint the white canvas before painting on it . This tint is close to a middle value of the colour I choose. This colour is usually dictated by the scene, and in this case, all that green suggested the redish colour. I think that it helps and adds a warmth to the colours that are applied over it.
Also, with this middle value background, I find it helps to more easily establish your brightest brights and your darkest darks. Once these are established, it is much easier to gauge the other values of the colours that you lay down on the tinted canvas.
The darker lines in the picture are my construction lines or the composition of the painting and they also represent my darkest darks. You can see the other values of colours that were added and adjusted on top. Hmmm, I do not remember it looking quite this messy...

Hi all...Here is a photo of the scene that I painted a couple of days ago. It is a picture of what I like to call a marsh pond, a heron and all...It was a perfect day to be painting outside.

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Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Frank,

These are so lovely, it was a pleasure to see them all together! You got to paint in Monet's garden...I'm soooo jealous! LOL